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JYMAG - Java Your Music And Graphics

JYMAG is a program for communicating with mobile phones.

The program's main functionality is to be a Free (as in Freedom) 'My Pictures and Sounds' Sagem mobile software replacement for Linux (and not only Linux - it should run on any system, which has Java and RxTx Java Transmission package from one of the pages:

The program allows retrieving and sending multimedia and other objects from and to a Sagem mobile phone (tested on Linux with a "Sagem MY X5-2") and performing other operations.

JYMAG can also be used with other phones and devices (modems) and serve as a general-purpose serial port terminal or a Java library for programmers.

JYMAG comes in two languages: English and Polish.

Features: JYMAG has been added to Softpedia Mac and Softpedia Linux and has been certified 100% FREE [No malware]

JYMAG has been added to FamousWhy: JYMAG.

Download JYMAG

Current version is 1.4.
Download this at SourceForge.

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